Nomad Days

Hi everyone,

So I had to be out of my apartment last Sunday the 17th. The only problem...I didn't have a new place to live! Still deciding on places. So I moved my things into friends' apartments, my furniture into one friend's, smaller stuff into my future roommate's, and then the rest into the place I ended up staying.

Luckily, I did have a friend who let me stay on her couch for the week, meanwhile, my other friend and I decided on which place we wanted to live. It was kind of a nightmare getting all the paperwork signed, and I had to play the waiting game while not really doing anything over the week, but I got through it.

So FINALLY I got the keys to my new place yesterday and moved most of my stuff in. Hooray! Except DWP said they won't turn my power on until Monday. Boo! And I'm shopping around for a good cable/internet/DVR package. So no power...no internet! I'm at the library right now getting in some e-mail/LJ time while I can...hopefully I'll have this stuff resolved early next week!

Couple Memes

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Am I really that much of an intellectual? Sheesh.

Crazy Month

So, hard to believe I graduated a few weeks ago. It was a great weekend, and all, it just went by fast. My dad, my sister, and my aunt all flew in to LA (separate days, just to make it fun), and I had my exit interview with the Dean along with my classmates. It was fun having my family here. We hiked Runyon Canyon, saw an Anaheim Angels game, and we even ate at Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles! Graduation was on a Sunday. My class is small, and the ceremony went quickly. And I officially got my MFA! Just us Screenwriters and our families met and had a catered lunch. It was amazing and delicious! So families left and things got quiet...until we had to prepare our pitches! It was actually pretty frightening, summing up our theses in 5 minutes and pitching our ideas to industry people. And there were 11 of them! That means I had to talk for nearly 90 minutes straight! Oy, well, at least I got it over with and we all had a nice dinner afterwards. And now...well, now's the part I don't know. I'm still working at the library for the summer, and I'm going to have to move fairly soon since my lease is up June 17th. We'll see where that takes me.


Yeah, so I finished Lost...wow...and...um...I didn't want to get out of bed.

What an amazing series!

Still processing...

Also, family's coming to town and will be graduating on Sunday...MADNESS!!!

What I Want From Peter Parker/Spider-Man

In light of having stopped reading Amazing Spider-Man (finally given conclusion to the One More Day/Brand New Day/OMIT thing) months ago, finishing the Ultimate Spider-Man Death of Spider-Man arc, and the premiere of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon as well as the upcoming movie, I felt now would be a good time to talk about what I consider to be a good way to portray Peter Parker as a character.

Spoilers for the Ultimate Spider-Man Death of Spider-Man arc.

Collapse )

An Open Letter To The Universe

Dear Universe,

Please stop trying to spoil the ending to Lost for me by having it randomly come up on The Simpsons and during things for school and in conversation and wherever. I'm only three episodes away from finishing, it would be a dick move to ruin it for me at this point.


PS: Don't tell me what I can't do!
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So after two excruciating weeks without my laptop, it's been returned to me...yay! But I don't have the time to go through all these back LJ entries, so just bring me up to speed or point me in the right direction or something for the interesting stuff, yeah?