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Comic Book: The Movie Is Awesome

Yeah, it came out a couple years ago, but I finally rented it and saw it. It's a really good movie. A few minor spoilers, but not really.

Essentially, it's a fake documentary of this CODENAME: COURAGE movie that's being made. Mark Hamill stars as the expert on Captain Courage, who wishes the character was more like his old incarnation. Most of it takes place at the Comicon, and it also has Billy West, Jess Harnell, Lori Alan and Tom Kenny in it (guest stars include Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, Hugh Hefner, Paul Dini, Bill Mumy, Bruce Campbell, Bruce Timm, Matt Groening, and others).

I was surprised at how good Mark Hamill is at acting like a fan. I could EASILY see myself saying those things if one of my beloved characters was revamped into something I didn't like. And the WAY he said them really clicked, too.

It's a fun movie if you like comic books and dig creators, but it's also fun if you like voice actors. I, for one, like Lori Alan for her role as Sue Richards on the Fantastic Four cartoon (plus she's on Family Guy). There's one scene where Mark Hamill talks to the company's receptionist, played by Arlene Sorkin (he also runs into Kevin Michael Richardson, a meeting of the Jokers, if you will). Tom Kenny's actual family plays his family in the movie.

Billy West's character was fun, but I'd say my favorite was Jess Harnell's character. He played the camera guy, and he kept talking about chicks and would mention The Hulk frequently. At one point he does his impression of all four Beatles. The parts where he's interacting with Jim Cummings really made me laugh.

The commentary is really enjoyable as well. Billy West talks about his role on Futurama, and Mark Hamill talks about DCAU stuff (he points out the Solomon Grundy figure behind him in one part). It's great to hear how much respect he has for Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. He mentioned that Paul Dini is his favorite person to write for the Joker and really enjoyed the speech in "The Man Who Killed Batman".

It's all kinds of stuff fans would enjoy, you know? Fans of anything, really (yes, there are Star Wars nods). It's really about being a fan, and that whole culture. So yeah...I need to buy this movie. I need to see the second disc, after all.
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