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In Your Satin Tights

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

My sister and her roommate Mindy spent last night here. We got up around 7 (actually, I got up a bit before then, I caught the end of "Kole" and almost watched the beginning of "I Will Remember You" but after watching The Last Unicorn, I'd probably end up in tears again) this morning and they, my dad, and myself went to Shelton for the 5K race. It was cold, windy, and raining, but we were bundled up.

The worst part of it was just waiting around for the race to start because it's hard to just stand there and fight off the cold. But the race DID start, and it wasn't bad after that. I stayed with the others throughout most of it. We passed by my dad's old house and his elementary school (I had to pick up the pace a little, he said he graduated in 1956, the same year Barry Allen was created).

But I did hang back, doing 10 minute miles. And for me, 10 minute miles is pretty slow. It felt like my heart was barely beating faster than normal. My sister and I decided to sprint at the end, but it wasn't enough to break 30 minutes. My dad was a little surprised I didn't try to go faster, but this was my first race in Shelton and I was enjoying the scenary. Plus I wasn't running to any music, which tends to pump me up (although the Teen Titans theme was stuck in my head at first, then the Wonder Woman song).

We got home, showered, hung out a bit, then my dad and I picked up our meal from the grocery store. They gave us a LOT of food, and since there were only 4 of us, it was more than enough. I called my mom and grandma, and that was pretty much it. Steph and Mindy went back to Hoboken later in the afternoon, and I...just slept.
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