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Lucky Number Five

What can I say? I'm hopelessly addicted to making videos set to music at least 10 years old that feature cartoon and live action super heroes.

This one's a little different. #4 was a love song with Hawkgirl, but I had to go to the other side of the fence to find my next redhead, Mary Jane Watson. Speaking of going to the other side, this is my first video that doesn't have Batman and Superman (they managed to show up in all my videos, not really intentional, but it was kind of unavoidable).

I got to mix live action with animation of the same characters, which was fun, but it was tough juggling everything. When I decided to do this video, I thought about it and realized that Mary Jane had three men in her life - Peter Parker, Spider-Man, and the Peter Parker she knows is Spider-Man. She feels differently about all three of them.

But in any case, here it is, "Stay" by Lisa Loeb (who provided the voice of Mary Jane on the MTV Spider-Man cartoon):

Tags: fanvids, spider-man

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