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Eye on Io

Phew, I haven't updated recently, I've been a little busy (for an unemployed fellow).

I didn't do anything on Halloween, although we did get our Io digital cable installed. Plus we got a new DSL thingie, and both are working good. Not much for the new channels, especially since Toon Disney just about sucks now (although I did watch the Hercules movie today, woo-hoo!). It's a little unfortunate that without a DVR I can't tape one thing and watch another, but that's only a conflict on Thursday nights, so today I just used my dad's TV and VCR.

I got my Amazon order, which included Spider-Man 2, the new DVD sets for Batman Beyond and Justice League, and the Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall hardcover. And let me tell you, that hardcover has such BEAUTIFUL artwork...and I've only read the first three stories!

Since it takes me so long to get through DVD sets (I still have Arrested Development, Simpsons, South Park, and Teen Titans to get through) I can't do reviews, but I can comment on the boxes and discs.

I like the shiny Batman Beyond box, but what's the deal with putting Mr. Freeze on one of the discs? He was only in one episode...last season! Ah well, at least now I have my April Moon.

I like the JLU discs better. It made me smile to see Dinah and Arthur on the discs. I would've preferred they put Green Arrow, Dr. Fate, or Atom (or one of the Big Seven) on the other one instead of Wildcat, but it's all good. I would've liked they put Shayera on the cover instead of Hawkgirl, though, I mean, they upgraded Green Lantern's look. And I see Red Tornado is posed like Etrigan. And why is "Hunter's Moon" after "Question Authority"? Oooo...kay...I like the two alternate names, though, especially "Miracles Happen".

Hm, I was going to talk about Guiding Light, but that deserves an entry all its own. In any case, I finally got this router working, so now my computer and my dad's can enjoy the high-speed goodness. Yay!
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