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Too Many Brainiacs!!!

What entertains me? Good question, I'm not really all that sure. But with the start of a new season, I've got a few things that I'll talk about where my first impressions are concerned.

Oh, and Gilmore Girls premieres tonight, so the grand winner of the TZ thread is...whoops, forgot to put all this behind a spoiler tag.

Spoilers for Superman and the Legion of Superheroes "Man of Tomorrow", The Batman "A Matter of Family", Fantastic Four "Hard Knocks", HEROES premiere, and Gilmore Girls premiere.

The winnah is...Martianinvader! DisneyBoy hasn't shown up yet, but let's hope they keep things civil. Anyway, on to the shows!

LOSH - The show clicked show clicked with me. I don’t even have to say any more, really. The focus was on Clark, but the action was fun (check out Triplicate Girl), and I’m eager to see more about the characters. I thought the designs (like Brainiac 5) would be awkward, but, if I could get used to Cyborg on TT, I can get used to this. And also? SKEEEEEEETS! And Booster Gold, too!

The Batman – I absolutely LOVE how this series is a progression. Bruce really does BECOME Batman (since he wasn’t at first). Heck, he even looks more the part now. Dick was a lot of fun, and I liked them showing his acrobatic skills early on. He became Boy Wonder a bit too quick at the end, but I like how they just laid out the Batman will be raising him, not Bruce.

Fantastic Four – The episode in which two brainiacs meet. Actually, I liked Bruce’s interaction with Ben better than his with Reed. But this show still doesn’t have oomph, it’s just sort of there. I can like LOSH’s animation after one act and after 4 episodes of FF, I wish it was smoother. I’ll watch every episode, though, because it IS Fantastic Four.

Heroes – I like it so far. You’ve got the healing factor teenager, Jess who thinks he can fly, brainiac kid, and Japanese teleporty guy. I love Hiro, by the way, he acts just like I would if I suddenly got powers. The show has my attention, and oddly enough, I’ve NEVER watched a drama on NBC. But how could I pass up a real-world situation with comic book sensibilities? I mean, I DID like Unbreakable. I just hope there’s a progression and it doesn’t spin its wheels (like Lost does, and I’ve been seeing some Lost comparisons)

Gilmore Girls – It’s been ages since I’ve seen this show. When I first started watching last year, I also watched early re-runs, so I was watching the show all year ‘round, and then I got caught up and haven’t seen it all summer. The Palladinos are gone, so I’m a little nervous with this new guy running the show, but we’ll see. Ugh for keeping Brainiac 5 around! Rory’s WORST. BOYFRIEND. EVER. It’s too bad Jess is throwing himself off buildings, or she could go back to him. And the way that episode ended? "I slept with Christopher". No woman should ever have to say that, and Lorelai looked so sad, and it just brought Luke down. Way to kill the mood! "I slept with Christopher", the four dirtiest words in the English language!

Woo, so there are my quick scatterbrained thoughts. I had to hold off on Smallville (does anyone know if Brainiac is coming back?). I had to get it out there, and there was more stuff involving the LOSH/FF comparison, but I’m SO tired this week, and Friday’s my last day of work, so I have to prepare posts for that later. Well, you’ll see.
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