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By the way, that last post was a joke. I should've known that quoting Family Guy is the lowest form of communication.

In any event, my dad comes back Sunday, and I'm a bit too tired to complain about anything.

Yesterday I told my actual co-workers that I'm leaving next week. I may be...dare I say it...missed? More on that later.

I'm still kinda spending things without restraint. I've currently got an eBay bid going, we'll see how that goes. Personally, I think it's criminal that I don't own figures of Alan Scott and Jay Garrick. Tomorrow I'll probably go to Toys R Us, hopefully I won't spend too much on comics, and see if I can get a JLU 3-pack (crossing my fingers for Lorder figures because they're just so cool).

Oh, and also tomorrow (in like 7 hours) is the premiere of Kid's CW, so that means a new season of The Batman as well as the premiere of Legion of Super Heroes. Woo!
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