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Trip The Light Fantastic

I'm a freakin' kid on Christmas morning! We get not one, but TWO premieres of superhero cartoons next month! One Marvel and One DC! That hasn't happened since...I want to say Hulk/Superman in 1996, but Spider-Man Unlimited may have premiered the same year as Batman Beyond...

In any case, we can welcome into our collective libraries Fantastic Four and Legion of Super Heroes. One based on a comic I've followed and a team I cherished for over ten years, and another whose continuity confuses the heck out of me so much the only time I bought one of their comics was because it crossed over with Teen Titans.

I'll get LOSH out of the way first. I can't even talk about my reaction to the team because I really don't know much about them aside from their guest appearances in the DCAU as well as what very little I've seen of them in the comics. It's actually kind of refreshing to see a cartoon based on a series I'm not very familiar with. I hope it gets me interested in the team. Maybe it'll have XS (Barry Allen's granddaughter) show up. And who knows, if I like them and their theme song is cool enough, I can add it to my playlist so that I can actually have more stuff non-Bat character related to work out to (seriously, of all the DC songs I have, only Superman, Flash, and Wonder Woman don't have anything to do with a Batman character).

But what I'm REALLY looking forward to is Fantastic Four! I've been reading their series since 1993 or so. They're my favorite team all around, and that's not an easy feat to accomplish. It's mostly because with the Justice League or the X-Men, you have NO IDEA who is going to be on the roster, who cares about who, what character will fade into obscurity, what someone will get wrong, etc. Even The Avengers are guilty of this. But with the Fantastic Four, it's simple. It's Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny. All characters are great and work well in the team environment. And really, they're a family. A lot of teams boast that, but the FF are literally related (Reed and Sue are married, Johnny is Sue's brother, Ben is Franklin's godfather). They love each other, but they don't always get along. There's so much I love about the Fantastic Four.

The FF may not be as popular as Spider-Man or the X-Men, but interestingly enough, they've had more animated incarnations than any other Marvel property since their existence (and, most likely, DC too, although I'm not sure how many Batman is up to). Actually, I think Spider-Man recently took the lead, but ehh, the FF always pop up time and again. With the exception of the 80's, the FF have had an animated series for every decade they've been in existence. The 60's was a fun show, I don't think I ever saw any of the 70's series (the HERBIE The Robot show), and I love season two of the 90's series (season one was just plain bad).

The only downside is I'm a lot more critical of Fantast Four than anything else. Even when I see something of Batman that doesn't hold my interest, I go ehh, there are many interpretations and incarnations of Batman. The Fantastic Four is something I like to see just right, hence why I REALLY didn't like the movie. I already don't like that "4" spray painted on Ben's chest.

What does 2006 bring? I dunno, I've avoided spoilers, but the Toonami commercials have me excited. Then again, it's not that hard to get me excited about Fantastic Four. I wonder what the theme song will be like, what guest stars they'll have, how the voice acting will be, if Toonami will make it disappear for months at a time, that sort of thing.

But here's hoping for the best. My favorite hero team and one of my least favorite hero teams get their chance to dazzle me! So in the immortal words of Benjamin J. Grimm the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing...


Wait, that's not it...


No, that's not right either...


Okay, that's almost more try...

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