Chris (90scartoonman) wrote,

Tony Jay's Top Ten

I usually save these for New Years, but I figure that since Tony Jay has recently passed, I'll give him a top ten list now.

It's kind of weird, I remember he was in an episode of Caroline in the City. He played Annie's boss or something, and she went to get her job back (she was in the Broadway play Cats) and started spouting all this weird stuff and going on and on, and when she left, Tony Jay called someone on the intercom and said "Send in a urine sample for Annie Spadaro."

I remember being weirded out when I heard Megabyte's voice (especially since he was silent for so long in that scene)...assuming I didn't imagine all that. It was the first time I realized that voice actors could do live action as well. So here's my list:

10) Magneto (X-Men Legends)
9) Sul-Van (Superman The Animated Series)
8) Baron Mordo (Spider-Man)
7) The Wraith (Mighty Ducks)
6) Virgil (Mighty Max)
5) Galactus (Fantastic Four)
4) Chairface Chippendale (The Tick)
3) Frollo (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
2 Shere Khan (Jungle Book/Talespin)
1) Megabyte (Reboot)

The man could do a good villain voice. I also enjoyed him on Lois and Clark. I can still hear his Galactus voice in my head "Your final hour is struck, your final page, writ."
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