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Teen Titans Features

I watched the features from the Teen Titans season one DVD a week or so ago, and I wanted to mention a few things. Should I put a spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't watched this? I dunno, well, spoiler warning.

First of all, I've got to say I love how they had George Perez and Marv Wolfman on there. It's funny, I've never heard George Perez talk (and his manner of speaking is funny) until the Ultimate Avengers interview, and now I've got two interviews with him. Typically, whenever someone asks who my favorite artist is, I'd say Perez.

It was cool to have the people who actually created half these characters on the "Comic Creations" featurette, and I also liked the Glen Murakami stuff. He's been involved in most of the DC animated stuff since Batman The Animated Series, but I think Teen Titans could be the best example of his work. The designs and animation style are really his own, what with the anime-like qualities brought to an American cartoon. They call it "Murikanime". He's an American guy, but his style is based on Japanese stuff. It's like he's some kind of, I don't know what you'd call it...Japenese...American, maybe.

"Finding Their Voices" was also a fun feature. It had all the VAs except Hynden Walch talking about how they found the right voices for the characters. Weird how Scott Menville has done such geeky voices before (Ma-Ti on Captain Planet and the younger brother on Mission Hill) but then comes in and does a cool guy like Robin. They mentioned making it sort of Clint Eastwood-like, which is also weird since Batman's voice is also said to be sort of like Clint Eastwood. It was great seeing them do their voices, Greg Cipes as Beast Boy made me laugh, although Tara Strong looked bored when she was doing Raven (that makes sense). Khary Payton seemed to get into it, and they even had Andrea Romano go "Booyah!" I was hoping for Ron Perlman too, but they didn't even mention him.

There's also a Puffy Ami Yumi featurette. I admit, I used to have a huge crush on those ladies a few years ago, but I'm better now (especially after that horrid-looking HiHi PuffyAmiYumi cartoon). Now I just find them...somewhat weird.

The featurette was Robin interviewing them and asking them all kinds of questions. I like how Ami admits to liking this one anime character. The suggestion that Robin should change his colors every season because he looks like Christmas was...odd. Maybe it loses something in the translation (because they're speaking Japanese and it's subtitled), but did they refer to his mask as "glasses"? Do they really not know the difference? It was funny, though, they made me laugh.
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