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It's Even Better When You Don't Pay For It

Got so wrapped up in my shared universes, I didn't talk about my week at all. No matter! Nothing spectacular at work, but what else is new? One of the guys I worked with actually offered to pass along my resume. Pretty nice of him.

Superman Returns spoilers...

My mom flew up on Wednesday to visit my sister in her new place in Hoboken, so after work yesterday, I took the train into the city after work to meet them. I had to go to Midtown before we ate. Kinda funny buying comics with your family. They must've thought I was ravenous. My sister was trying to figure out which characters she knows, and my mom just asked me if I had a savings account.

We walked down Restaurant Ave. a bit to find a place to eat. We settled on this small, inexpensive-type place. It was nice. I still haven't seen my sister's place, but I looked at the pictures my mom took.

It feels like so long ago since the three of us lived together, but we still manage to get together from time to time. We talked about shows we're looking forward to, openly mocked Scientology in front of the Church of Scientology, all kinds of fun stuff. I was so tired last night, though.

Today I decided to finally use my Superman Returns pass (that I got from the Justice League DVD) and see the movie again (since the pass expires at the end of the month). I think I liked it better the second time.

Noticed a few more things. That old lady's name is Gertrude. There's supposedly a newspaper about Batman in the Planet hallway but I didn't see it (maybe it was in a deleted scene), but I did notice Jason wearing the Aquaman PJs. I also noticed that Mike Massa is one of Superman's stunt doubles. He also did stunt doubling/coordinating on Angel, which is pretty cool. In any case, I really need to own more movies on DVD, I spend so much time buying shows, and I only have a couple superhero movies. I need more, and I want to get Superman Returns when it comes out.
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