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The Emu - A Savage Animal

As I announced last night I am, indeed, back and thirsty for more (not really). So let me tell you fellows about my trip. I don't remember the precedent about using names of friends, so I'll just use initials. Anyway, here we go...

Since J and her son couldn't come with us, it was just me and S. We didn't have to rent a car, so my dad let us use the Focus. We left at 10 Thursday night and drove straight down to Charlotte. S drove at first and I took over around Virginia. We sorta did 6 and 6, although I was getting tired towards the end, so she had to drive the last hour or so.

We arrived at about 11 in the morning and were greeted by sharty_crunk. S and I were both tired, but after we ate, he gave us the grand tour of Charlotte and UNCC. Then we went shopping. After that, we did mini-golf. That was a lot of fun, despite how terrible the first course was. You know those holes where you hit a ball into one hole and it's supposed to pop out another? Didn't really happen. We had to hit it and stick our clubs in to get the ball to come out. When we did that, 11 balls spilled out! Well, I got a couple souvenirs out of that. We had Sonic for dinner.

Before bed, we watched some Ren & Stimpy. sharty_crunk has that Nickelodeon cartoon channel. Man, I forgot how much I love that show. Over the weekend we saw the Salve episode, Stimpy's cartoon (two of my favorites), and others. I laughed so hard, it's been years since I've seen them.

Saturday was the Lucky Five Ranch. The three of us went over there, got a couple buckets of animal feed, and went through the ranch feeding the animals. The first ones that met us were three crazy emus. I'm sorry Brad, those animals are nuts! They stuck their heads into the bucket and ate like...vicious creatures! They got pellet dust all over sharty_crunk's car. And when we rolled up the windows, they just pecked at the car! They should go on Atkins. The other animals were fun and well behaved. Okay, well, there was this one huge...horned...elk...deer...thing (wish they had a guide). He was bigger than the car, as big as a moose, and he knocked the others out of the way so he could get the food. There were also pigs, water buffalos, zebra, goats, giraffes, and a rhinocerous.

We did a little more shopping on Saturday, and I played sharty_crunk in racketeball. Fun game, but it made me sore. Also watched more old shows. Man, the host for Legends of the Hidden Temple SUCKED (although Olmec, as voiced by Dee Baker, rocked)!

Sunday morning we were joined by sharty_crunk's mom and his friend B for church. We ate afterwards, and then the four of us (minus sharty_crunk's mom) went to Paramounts Carowinds, an amusement park.

Carowinds was pretty cool. The first thing we did was the Borg Assimilator, and even though S kept freaking out (she's not huge on big thrill rides), I recited Picard's opening narration from TNG (which was such a geeky act, it amazed even me). Then again, I was feeling weird that day, I kept singing "I'm going to the ice charades, I'm going to the ice charades!" We got on a bunch of roller coasters, and the lines were great, nothing like Six Flags. Unfortunately, it started to rain pretty hard, so we had to get out of there. We had dinner at Steak & Shake. A weird concept to this New England boy, but I liked it. I had a burger and a shake. And good God, that's a lot of shake!

That just brings us to yesterday, I suppose. Both sharty_crunk and his mom had to work, so S and I left at about 9 in the morning. I started driving this time, and S took over around Fredericksburg (I think that's the halfway point). We left around 9 and got back at 9:30. I think we did faster than when we came down, but yeah, that was another 12 hour drive.

I was pretty tired, too, I'm glad I didn't go to work today. I slept until 11 this morning and still feel out of it. Oh well, I had a great trip.
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