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First And Last (2 of 2)

Okay, this time I really do conclude my week-long salute to the DCAU and all sorts of craziness. Since this is all about endings, I'm going to list the last quotes of all the significant characters going by the episode order on the DVDs (spoilers for Return of the Joker, "Destroyer", and any other last episodes), and I'm sort of ignoring Subzero and Mystery of the Batwoman because even though I know they're the series finales for BTAS and TNBA, I don't really want to include them (although ROTJ is still the BB finale):


Batman I/Bruce Wayne - "I hope Batgirl isn't in over her head"(on BTAS)
"He knew everything there was to know about Two-Face, except that he was Two-Face."(on TNBA)
"Hello, Tim"(on Batman Beyond/ROTJ)
"Don't you have a tall building to go leap?"(on Justice League)
"You're a stubborn piece of work, you know that?"(chronologically)

Alfred Pennyworth - "Right here, Master Dick, and I've queued it to something you should see" (on BTAS)
"Poor devil. What will ever become of him now?" (on TNBA)
? (on Justice League)

Dick Grayson - "Are you guys all right?"(as Robin)
"Don't get your hopes up"(as Nightwing)

Commissioner Gordon - "If you let us go now, Bolton, I can guarantee leniency" (BTAS)
? (TNBA)

Harvey Bullock - (doesn't talk throughout all of "Make 'Em Laugh", grrr)
? (TNBA)

Joker - "What's so funny, huh? I'll give you something to laugh about!" (on BTAS)
"He's a lunatic!" (on TNBA)
? (on Justice League)
"That's not funny. That's not--" (last words said by the one true Joker before his death)

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl - "It's okay, there'll be another time"(as Batgirl)
"Better hope we can find more of this stuff, lots more."(on TNBA)
"Not everyone is capable of expressing that, Tim, not even if they feel it in their hearts" (as Commissioner Gordon)

Robin II/Tim Drake - "Which way'd he go?"(on TNBA)
"Hi, old man."(chronologically)

Superman/Clark Kent/Kal El - ? (chronologically)
? (Tim Daly)
"A head start? You're getting soft in your old age."(George Newbern)

Lois Lane - ? (on STAS)
"I'm going to cut him a break, he's only human. You know what I mean." (on Justice League)

Perry White - ?

Jimmy Olsen - ?

Lex Luthor - ? (on STAS)
"Yes, yes it is." - (on Justice League)

Supergirl - ? (on STAS)
"I--I feel I belong here. Also, I met this boy."(on Justice League)

Aquaman - ? (on STAS)
? (Justice League)

Batman II/Terry McGinnis - "Thanks" (Batman Beyond/ROTJ)
"Just like my old man" (chronologically)

Blight/Derek Powers - ?

Flash - "Go!" (on STAS, Charlie Schlatter)
"These are the end times" (on Justice League, Michael Rosenbaum)

Wonder Woman/Diana - "And the adventure continues"

J'onn J'onzz - "I should be back in time for dinner. I love you, too."

Green Lantern - "What's the old saying? Believe half of what you see--"

Hawkgirl - "--and none of what you hear. They'll be back"

Looking at that, I really like The Joker's, and realizing what Dick Grayson's last line is breaks my heart.
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