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First And Last (1 of 2)

And so with a heavy heart, I conclude my weaklong salute to the DCAU and all sorts of craziness. Even if the DCAU is over (and I really hope it isn't), it will always be with me, and I'll continue to enjoy episodes looking at them with a fresh perspective (I'm eager to get Superman next month so I can watch "Little Girl Lost" in light of "Far From Home"). So since this is all about beginnings and endings, I'm going to list the first and last quotes of all the significant characters going by the episode order on the DVDs (spoilers for Return of the Joker, "Destroyer", and any other last episodes):


Batman I/Bruce Wayne - "Huh? Oh, I'm sorry, Andi"(chronologically, that might not be it, does he talk in "Beware the Grey Ghost"? I don't know which flashback came first, the samurai one or the magic one)
"Gotham Police declare war on Batman" (on BTAS)
"Actually, I was planning on a quiet Christmas alone, Veronica"(on TNBA)
"Are you all right?"(on Batman Beyond)
"I doubt that modification is legal"(on Justice League)

Alfred Pennyworth - "I gather you've been reading 'How To Make Friends and Influence People'"

Dick Grayson - "Come on, Batman, it's Christmas Eve. Let's kick back and get into the spirit." (as Robin)
"Watch out for that last one, kid, it's a killer"(as Nightwing, more or less)

Commissioner Gordon - "I didn't authorize this statement, detective."

Harvey Bullock - "Come on, Commissioner, somebody asked me a couple of questions, I gave them a couple of answers"

Joker - "Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg. The Batmobile lost a wheel and the Joker got awaaaaaaaay!"

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl - "Dad, you in here?" (as Barbara Gordon)
"Gordon. I figured I'd hear from you. Word is you wrangled a new errand boy" (as Commissioner Gordon)

Robin II/Tim Drake - "Says here he was working on some sort of special weapon" (on TNBA)
"::series of grunts:: In your dreams" (chronologically)

Superman/Clark Kent/Kal El - "Hahahaha, Daaa daaaa" (chronologically)
"Yuuuh, yes, Ms. Stevenson" (Jason Marsden)
"Hello"/"Have you ever been to Kansas?" (Tim Daly)
"Nice one, Clark" (as Superman)
"Need a hand?" (George Newbern)

Lois Lane - "Chief, I spent a week on the docks with rats and frizzed hair exposing the biggest gun-smuggling ring to hit this town in 10 years and what makes the front page? Some sprouty, New Age granola-crunching fluff piece on angels."

Perry White - "Good timing, Lois."

Jimmy Olsen - "The new guy?"

Lex Luthor - "I'd like to say that I view the Lexo-suit not as an instrument of war, but as an instrument to end war." (on STAS)
"So this is how it ends. You know, I've carried this around for years waiting for the right moment. But now that it's here, I almost feel let down. Almost." (on Justice League)

Supergirl - ? (on STAS)
? (on Justice League Unlimited)

Aquaman - ? (on STAS)
"Good, let it sink" (Justice League)

Batman II/Terry McGinnis - "Get lost, clown"

Blight/Derek Powers - "I asked you here, Warren, to clear up any misconceptions you might've gotten from that incident with Mr. Tully."

Flash - "Sorry I'm late, just woke up two minutes ago" (on STAS, Charlie Schlatter)
"Hey, the big guy's heart's in the right place, but give me a break. I'm the fastest man alive, and even I can't be in five places at once" (on Justice League, Michael Rosenbaum)

Wonder Woman/Diana - "Easy girl, easy. These omens don't bode well, Mother."

J'onn J'onzz - "The invasion. I came to warn you, but I was captured and imprisoned here."

Green Lantern - "Sorry I'm late, there was an uprising near Rigel 9."

Hawkgirl - "HRRRRRRAH!!! HA!"

You know what? Screw it, this is taking too long, I'll do last lines tomorrow.
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