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Holy Fanwank, Batman (1 of 2)!

I don't use the term "fanwank" that often. In fact, up until 2 years ago, I never heard of it. But being a comic book fan and a fan of other things, I realize I fanwank all the time.

Now, I'm used to fanwanking in private. I'd fanwank in my room when no one was home. And I'd do it for hours, too! I had a lot of inspiration. But anyway, I am now going to attempt to fanwank the DCAU Batman. A Batwank, if you will (to be told in two parts).

Bruce Wayne's parents are murdered when he is eight years old. His family is gone. Alfred Pennyworth and Leslie Thompkins try to be the parents young Bruce needs, but after the shock of seeing his parents murdered, Bruce doesn't want to take on another family. He seeks something else. He makes a vow and spends years learning everything the world has to offer. Martial arts, escape tricks, detective skills, everything, giving his life to protect those in need.

He meets Andrea Beaumont and considers ending his crusade. Bruce's mission, professionally, was to make sure that what happened to him would never happen to anyone in Gotham again. But personally, it was his way of dealing with losing his family. Andrea offered the possibility of having a family again, thus making him lose the heart he had for the mission. When he lost Andrea, Batman was fully realized.

Batman did what he does best, he protected Gotham City. He witnessed Dick Grayson lose his parents and took him in, giving Dick the same chance he had when he was a kid. This was the biggest mistake of Batman's life. It was Batman who took on a son, not Bruce Wayne. By nature, Batman was all business and no heart. Bruce Wayne was supposed to be Dick's emotional support, but as time wore on, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson grew further apart while Batman and Robin continued to work together.

Dick resented Bruce because he wasn't the father that he wanted and could've had. Eventually, it all fell apart and Dick left. Bruce took on Batgirl to fill the void Robin left. He also took in Tim Drake, but at this point, he was much more Batman than Bruce. He wasn't nearly as open and friendly to Tim as he was to Dick when they first met. He was cold and blunt when Tim lost his father and the girl he liked.

Bruce had relationships but couldn't let himself go with any of the others like he did with Andrea. He was attracted to Catwoman, but she wouldn't give up her ways. Talia would always put her father above other men. And Lois never understood Bruce's need to be Batman.

Dick came back as Nightwing, seeking to be his own man but inevitably joining Robin and Batgirl as one of Batman's agents. It wasn't long before Dick realized that being Nightwing and working in Batman's city was worse than being Robin. His independence was an illusion as Batman still checked up on him and treated him like a sidekick. Nightwing left Gotham to be protector of its sister city, Bludhaven.

Barbara realized that the time for her to be with Dick romantically was passed and that she wanted to finish her education and then return to Batman. She was in love with him. Part of her always had been, and he began to reciprocate. Barbara began seeing herself more as Batman's partner rather than his sidekick and she took on a maternal role for Robin.

Despite himself, Batman enjoyed Batgirl's company. She would stay with him when no other woman would. Batgirl showed affection for him and had no reservations. Batman had the relationship with Batgirl, but Bruce Wayne wouldn't see Barbara Gordon as a potential wife. To him, Barbara and Batgirl should be as separate as Bruce and Batman, and since she connected with him as Batman and not Bruce, it couldn't work out.

To Batman, Batgirl would always be a sidekick, not a partner. Soon, Batman found himself real partners. He helped found and became a part-time member of the Justice Leauge. Heroes he thought were amateurish at best and unqualified at worst, but soon thing would changed.

Next time, Batman seeks out family and romance in the new League, he loses a partner, rekindles two old flames, leaves his new family, and finally gains a son.
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