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I Have Returned

Yes, yes, I'm back, hold your applause. I'm writing this on 10:30, Saturday night, and it just feels so damn empty. Like there's nothing left, nothing to look forward to. But...I'll spend the next week dwelling on the DCAU and talking about Batman and listing my favorites and quotes and Flash and all that. But first...BUT FIRST!!! I must talk about last weekend.

Dad and I left at 6 AM for that long trip to North Carolina. I was depressed because of JLU, but I stopped crying long enough to fall asleep. Luckily I didn't have to drive until later. We got there around 4, which was a little after my mom and grandma arrived (they came from Virginia). We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

We settled in, and my sister met us. The five of us went to dinner with my sister's roommate's family. Yay food! I got back and was able to watch the JLU finale, so I have my bragging rights. For what it's worth.

Sunday was busy. One of the deans at the business school was having a brunch, so went to her place (which looked NICE!). Then we went to my sister's place (she has two roommates in one of those split things, so there are three roommates next door). They cooked food for us...YUM!

Then came the actual graduation in the Dean Dome (for those of you familiar with UNC-Chapel Hill). It was nice, and there was a reception afterwards. That was cool, and then I hung out with my sister and her friends and slept at her place.

Monday was driving around/shopping around and more food! Plus I went to a comic book store...the guy there was friendly, and I got 52 #1...because my life revolves around DC! But not really. So we went back to the hotel and said goodbye to my sister.

Tuesday morning we said goodbye to mom and grandma, and then dad and I drove back. We left a little later, so we didn't make it back until about 7. Still, good time and I caught Scrubs.

So that was my vacation, away from work for two days, NICE, and I avoided the internet (except the DC boards at Toon Zone). I'm sure you'll notice I responded to all your entries in the past week, so I'll be addicted to Live Journal again. I just need a sixth and final User it's either betweeeeeeeeen...


Oooooor Nelson:

And while you guys are looking at pictures, here's another one:

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