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I'm in the planning stages of composing "Suckitude 2", my new playlist in honor of the end of Justice League Unlimited. It's going to include many theme songs as well as other songs that remind me of the DCAU for whatever reason.

I've never actually worked out to the Wonder Woman theme because I felt it was kind of corny (like how I rarely use The Avengers theme since it sucks), but this is a special occasion. And by Wonder Woman theme, I mean the one to the old show. So far the themes I'm including are:

Superman: The Movie theme
Batman The Animated Series
Superman The Animated Series
The Flash
Wonder Woman
Lois and Clark
Super Friends
World's Finest
Batman Beyond
"Revolution" (Birds of Prey)
Justice League
The Batman
"Save Me" (Smallville)
Justice League Unlimited

I tried downloading the Nightwing theme from TZ, but that didn't go so well. Anyone know where I can find it? Or any other personal themes from the DCAU? Anyone think I'm missing something? And no, I'm not working out to the old Batman theme, again, cheese is a major turn-off in this case. Plus I never watched Static Shock or The Zeta Project so I never cared about having their theme music. Teen Titans I MAY put on the end if this thing comes up short, but we'll see. I like to make my lists about an hour long, I can do five miles in that time.

Like I said, I've got other songs that remind me of the DCAU for various reasons, "The Finer Things" by Steve Winwood and "Ocean Man" by Ween, for example. I'm wondering what song will strike me after I watch "Destroyer" (and hopefully it'll be a song I actually have). I mean, for absolutely no reason, when X-Men Evolution ended, I couldn't get "I Don't Really Want To Fight" by Tina Turner out of my head, and now whenever I hear that song, I think about X-Men Evolution.

Then there's "April Moon". That's not really a good song to work out to, but it'd be cool if I had that and "Am I Blue?" together. Actually, I may throw in some music from my Batman Beyond CD. The music at the end of "Meltdown" is pretty awesome. Anyway, feedback is appreciated.

And I thought of something daffy_dork and I were talking about a couple weeks ago. Unlike Marvel, DC always has to credit the specific creators of their characters. Case in point, this screen shot from the end credits of Justice League:

Even Smallville credits Seigel and Shuster. But why didn't Super Friends?! I own two box sets and I haven't seen the names of the Big Three creators at all. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough? Maybe there was some weird copyright mumbo jumbo in the 70's I wasn't aware of? In any case, if anyone knows what the deal is, feel free to tell me.
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