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I Do So Love My Lists...

I've gone too long without a top ten list. Yeah, I know I had one in my last entry, but I made that one a couple days ago. Anyway, this concept has been kicking around in my head for some time, and since I read the New Avengers Annual, I feel now is a good time to post it. Spoilers for New Avengers Annual #1, Angel season five, Infinite Crisis #4, and, most likely, Serenity (and please refrain from anything Deep Space Nine past season 4 and Infinite Crisis #7).

Right then, over in Alias (a comic I don't read), Luke Cage (former Power Man and current black guy) and Jessica Jones (former superhero and current white girl) started a relationship, had a kid, and then Cage proposed to her. In New Avengers Annual, she accepted, and after the Avengers tangled with a modified human adaptoid, the couple got married.

Despite not really caring about Jessica Jones too much, I enjoyed it. It got me thinking about inter-racial couples, which I must admit I like seeing. So, here are my top ten inter-racial couples in fiction:

(Note: As much as I'd like to include John and Shayera, I can't because they're an inter-species couple, and if I put them on the list, then technically I'd have to include Lois and Clark too. And also I decided to leave off inter-cultural relationships, like where one person is Jewish and the other isn't, such as the case of Oz and Willow, and also no human/mutant relationships)

10) Cloak and Dagger (Marvel Comics) - One of the very first inter-racial couples, in fact, they were the first I've ever seen in fiction. Although the characters are somewhat obscure, it's still cool.

9) The Mazas (Gargoyles) - Elisa's parents. I love how culturally diverse Elisa's background is, showing up in a couple episodes.

8) Superboy/Conner Kent and Batgirl/Cassandra Cain (DC Comics) - This one was more cute than anything, as Batgirl never had a boy interested in her before, and Superboy was just goofy. Then he moved on to a girl whose mentor was a little less intimidating (until Wonder Woman picked him up and threw him). I know Conner is part alien, but he's also part human, still counts.

7) Storm/Ororo Munroe and Wolverine/Logan (X-Men TAS) - In the multi-parter "One Man's Worth", time was changed, and Storm and Wolverine ended up married. They made a really nice couple, too bad time was reset and they lost their relationship.

6) Terry McGinnis/Batman and Dana Tan (DCAU) - I admit I don't like Dana that much, but I think "Epilogue" proved how strong their relationship becomes.

5) Luke Cage and Jessica Jones (Marvel Comics) - As mentioned above. Although I haven't exactly watched their relationship progress, they're good together.

4) The O'Briens (Star Trek) - What's cool about them is they were together on two different shows, and it's always great to see a main character who is married.

3) Charles Gunn and Winifred Burkle (Angel) - Their relationship was kind of overshadowed by the fact that we feel bad for Wesley, but when he and Fred got together, they didn't last that long (heck, I've seen movies that lasted longer than their relationship). Gunn and Fred connected quite well at first, and even though I don't remember exactly how long their relationship went on for, it was about a year. They both cared for each other deeply.

2) Zoe and Wash (Firefly/Serenity) - Again, it's great seeing main characters married, and Zoe and Wash were great to watch. The flashback of how she didn't like him when they first met always makes me laugh.

1)The Flash/Wally West and Linda Park (DC Comics) - Heck, they're already in my top ten list of fictional couples. It's pretty major for The Flash, one of DC's A-List characters to get romantically involved with and then marry a non-white woman. Wally's love for Linda came into play a lot, especially during Waid's run, and I had the pleasure of watching them get married and then have kids (and then disappear off the face of existence).

Honorable mentions go to - Kirk and Uhura (not technically a couple, it's cool for the historical factor), Cyborg and Jinx (TT Animated, too bad it didn't really go anywhere), and Iolaus and Nebula (Hercules: TLJ, first live action inter-racial couple I saw, but Gina Torres was more enjoyable to watch in the Zoe/Wash relationship), and Wonder Woman and Trevor Barnes.

Hm, it's kind of funny. There's a lot of black/white or white/Asian couples on here. I wonder what that says about me. Does that make me a black man who likes white women? A white man who likes Asian women? A little from Column A, a little from Column B? I don't know, and to be honest, I never really thought about it until now. Not that my race should define what qualities in a woman I find attractive, I just thought it interesting to note. Much like the episode of The Critic where Lisa Marie Presley was talking to Elvis about her marriage to Michael Jackson:

ELVIS: I don't want you marrying him, it's like whipped cream and pickles.
ELVIS' BUTLER: Here's your whipped cream and pickles sandwich
LISA MARIE: You're only saying that because his skin's a different color.
MICHAEL JACKSON: No it isn't! A-hee hee!

(and yes, I butchered that quote, but I only brought it up because Lisa Marie married Nicholas Cage, who took his name from Luke Cage)

EDIT: D'oh! I forgot to add Turk and Carla! Sheesh, I was wondering how Superboy and Batgirl got on there...
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