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The Best of Cartman

So the other day, daffy_dork and I were talking about how much Cartman adds to the comedy of South Park. He has a very distinctive voice (a fat kid with sort of a Southerny accent), and as a result, a lot of his lines come out hilarious.

Here are my ten favorite Cartman lines (and, like mattzimmer's list, it's subject to change):

And also they're not exact since I don't feel like looking them up (there is some cursing as well):

10) "Respect my authoritah!" (can't even remember the episode, but honestly, these earlier ones are just on here because they're classic)
9) "But moooooooooooom!" (various)
8) "You're breakin' my balls" ("Kenny Dies")
7) ::under his breath:: "Don't call me an asshole, you son of a bitch" ("Cripple Fight")
6) " guys...seriously" ("The Terrence and Phillip Movie Trailer")
5) "Suck my balls, Kyle!" ("Cartoon Wars") and "HIGHER KYLE!" ("Simpsons Already Did It")
4) "It's wrong...IT'S WRONG!" ("Cartoon Wars")
3) "If you open your eyes, I'll kick you in the nuuuuuuuuts. Square in the nuuuuuuuts" ("The Tooth Fairy's TATS 2000")
2) "Oh, wow, really? That's awesome! Go have sex with yourself, asshole! I'm not that stupid! Just for that, from now on, I'll eat what I want and do drugs when I want. Whatever, I do what I want!" ("Future Self 'N Me")
1) "I'm going to be totally seriously. If you call me 'piggy' one more time, I'll rip your balls off with my bare hands!!!" ("The Succubus")

Honorable mention goes to his Wild Wild West song in "Cat Orgy", which I thoroughly enjoyed. Honestly, two of my favorite voices are Cartman and Hank Hill. I'd do a list for Hank if I could remember my favorite lines (maybe it's just his scream I like).

Aaaaaand, just for the heck of it, here's the Uncyclopedia entry on him -
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