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Employment History

So today I've got an interview with a staffing agency in New York, hopefully they'll be able to rescue me from my current ho-hum life. We'll see. I've been thinking about all the jobs I've had and, there were a lot. Here's the list (and these are just the jobs I was paid to do, not including the internships):

Caddy - Summer of 1997. When I was 14, I worked at a golf course. Not bad money. You're out there for about four hours, a dollar a hole, and at least $2 for a tip.

Camp Counselor - Summer of 1999. Woo, that one was a doozy. They took a high school student and a college student and gave them 8 kids. We did school-type work in the morning and field trips in the afternoon. Fun at times, nervewracking at others.

Walgreens Employee - Summer of 2000. I didn't work there for too long, but this was my only real job working at a store. Being a cashier, stocking shelves, that whole thing. The hours kinda sucked, though.

Mailroom Worker - Spring 2001. This was at school, and I only worked the one semester. I liked it, although I only worked Thursdays and Saturday mornings. Basically I had to sort mail and packages for the dorms.

Facilities Assistant - School Year 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, Summer 2004. The job I had through most of college. It was pretty cool, going around fixing or replacing dorm furniture. Sometimes days were slow, but I usually got a good work out. Right after I graduated, I stayed on campus and worked there for the summer.

Transcriber - April 2005. This was only a two week thing, but I DID get paid. I transcribed footage for this cooking show.

Research Analyst - Past Year. This being the job I always complain about. Really, it's not bad. I get paid well to do research on stocks, companies, mutual funds, bonds, etc. I don't have to deal with people, which is nice, but filing can be a real nightmare.

So there you have it. I can only wonder where my next job will take me.
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