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The Traveling Salesman Character Profile

Since Matt's gone back to his character profiles, I thought I'd do mine, especially now that I have a firmer concept of The Traveling Salesman:

Name: Chester T. Miller

Aliases: The Traveling Salesman

Age: Early 40's

Weight: Uh, 180-ish?

Species: Hu-mon

Hair Color: Brown

Dress: A cheap suit

Visual Description: Chester wears a suit and hat, but it doesn't make him look too fancy or anything. He's also got a bit of a belly, but he always carries a warm smile on his face.

Birthplace: His home dimension (which I haven't named)

Occupation: Traveling Salesman

Residence: A suburb in his home dimension

Affiliations: Works for Utilico

Base of Operations: Mobile

Friends/ Allies: Why doesn't this thing have a family on it? His wife is named Mary, and his 8-year old daughter is named Penny.

Enemies: Sly Sid Lefleur, his co-worker and rival

Parents: Kicking around somewhere

Siblings: None

Personality: One of the friendliest men you'll ever meet. He took this job because he likes meeting new people and helping them out. He believes in integrity and strong character, but he's also a workaholic and he loves learning new things.

Strengths: Persistant in his job. He can start a conversation with any stranger and offer products that they might use. He doesn't take rejection personally. He's very good at his job.

Weaknesses: He won't leave a dimension unless he's sold at least one thing, which could keep him there for a while. As a result, he's away from his family longer than he or they would like. He also can't take a vacation and always feels like he needs to work.

History/What we know: Chester's a simple man who didn't know what he wanted to do after college. He was discovered by his boss who thought being a salesman would fit him well. He soon married and had a daughter. After working for his company for years, he was promoted to interdimensional salesman and given a car that travels between dimensions. His next

Quote: "The name's Chester T. Miller, salesman by trade"
"What can I interest you nice folks in today?"
"Glad to be of service!"
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