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A Series of Unfortunate Events

I'm honestly not sure what to think. I liked the movie, and from what I've read here and there, I don't think it's given enough credit, but it does have major problems.

First and foremost, Ultimate Avengers is trying to do two things that it can't. It's 1) Based on The Ultimates comic which is skewed towards an older audience (sexuality, swearing, violence, etc.) and 2) Made so that it can be watched by a younger crowd. Hence why it wasn't just The Ultimates, it was Ultimate Avengers (slight spoiler warnings, although I can't be responsible for what comments are left).

But it wasn't The Avengers. I know what the Avengers are about and, strangely enough, what they really talk about in one of the featurettes is the Busiek/Perez run on Avengers, one of my all-time favorite runs. An Avengers movie wouldn't have Fury calling the shots like that. It wouldn't have that Thor.

I really like The Ultimates comic, but there's nothing the movie took from that to make it special. The AICN review said Marvel overhyped it and incorrectly hyped it (like they do everything), and as a result, we got something average, something run of the mill, something "Saturday morning" (which they specifically said it wouldn't be). The story wasn't a heck of a lot faithful either (although the beginning with Cap in WWII was, probably why it was my favorite part of the movie).

The movie really shouldn't be compared to "Secret Origins". Sure, Earth's greatest forces battling alien invaders is familiar, but I think it'd be better to compare it to X-Men Evolution, and if it can outdo that show, then it was worth it. Personally, I think it was kind of on the same level as XE, but it didn't blow the series out of the water. In that regard, it was a failure.

Again, I liked the movie, though. Captain America was a good character, and Iron Man wasn't bad. Banner you sorta feel for. Dialogue and animation were lousy in some parts and the plot didn't have a whole lot of depth, but it was entertaining. In comparison to the comics they look watered down, and compared to X-Men Evolution it's nothing revolutionary. The second one isn't based on anything from the Ultimate comics, it seems, so here's hoping.

I really wish Toonami hadn't aired it and thus delayed Justice League Unlimited until next week. There are three more episodes left and now, unfortunately, the finale will air on May 13th. My sister graduates that weekend, so I'll be in North Carolina. Sure, I'll be able to tape it, but it's kind of depressing not being able to see it while it airs. At least I'll get to see my sister, my mom, and my grandma. I don't see them that often since they live in the south.

Huh, I hope I don't suffer Justice League withdrawal (I'm not talking JLU withdrawal, that will cost me the rest of my life) since the comic Justice League of America is still a little ways off. There's still JLA: Classified, at least, but I'm wondering what JLA One Year Later will be like.

The good news is that Dwayne McDuffie will be writing the new Justice League Heroes game. That sounds AWESOME. Plus...Green Lantern! I always wanted to play a game where you could be Green Lantern (I played most of the Leaguers in that versus game). I know you can be him in that Gameboy or whatever it is game, but man...what a kick that would be!

These are some strange times we live in...
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