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Lately I've been having a problem with buildup from my DC Comics Box. It seems to get filled faster than the others (including the X Box and the Bat Box). I've been wondering what other box I could make. For DC Comics, I have the Bat Box, the Flash/Green Lantern Box, and I've been putting Vertigo titles in the Miscellaneous box. But other than that, everything goes into DC. I divided my Marvel titles up much better. Spoilers for Superman One Year Later (up to Up, Up, and Away part 3).

So I've finally come to the decision to make a Super Box. I actually bought it last weekend and started moving my Superman titles from the DC Box into the new one. I was never a huge fan of Superman, and in an old entry I talked about how I tried to start reading his comics during the Superman Red/Superman Blue story of 1997, but that didn't hold my interest.

Things are different now that it's One Year Later. Before Superman was probably in my top 25 or 50 favorite heroes, but now he's closer to the top ten (he probably is in the top ten of DC heroes, or at least, he will be when the Infinite Crisis and 52 dust settles). Nightwing was in my top ten, but I don't like the way his title is going. Green Lantern I still love to death, but Hal Jordan found himself in a situation much like Dick's recently where he slept with a woman whose name he didn't even know. Superman isn't like that, he's still married to Lois, and they're very much in love.

One Year Later has changed many things for Superman. For one, Kurt Busiek is writing. He's one of my favorite writers (his Avengers stint is one of my all-time favorite runs of anything). The first arc has been giving me a taste of what the new tone of the two series (Superman and Action Comics) is going to be. Clark is de-powered (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman were missing this past year for some reason or another), and Lex Luthor has a new status quo.

Although I've been a regular reader of DC for years, I don't know exactly what Superman is all about (what his actual history is, etc.), but I can see some things from Superman film and television that have been incorporated into the comics. It's sort of like that song "Just Once" by James Ingram where he says "Take the best and make it better". They take the more interesting aspects of Superman and combine them. Here are some things I've noticed:

The Superman Movies - The whole idea of Kryptonians using crystals to store data. Luthor has some sort of scheme brewing that involves Kryptonian technology.

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman - Although powerless, Clark is doing a lot of investigative journalism, which is where Lois and Clark got its plots from.

Superman: The Animated Series - Superman's villains have been updated. Toyman now wears that creepy doll thing like he did in the animated series. Metallo is also part organic, where before he was all machine.

Smallville - There's mention of a Sullivan place, so it's possible that Chloe will make an appearance.

I'm no expert on Superman, but I know Kurt Busiek loves to use continuity and take the best aspects of a character's history. I read some of his plans for the series, and there's going to be Silver Age stuff too. Sounds fantastic!

So my new box will be home to Superman, Action Comics, and All-Star Superman (which, I guess doesn't really solve my problem since these are new titles and I'm still going to have a lot going into the DC box).
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