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Dick Grayson Is No Fun At Weddings Redux (2 of 2)

Disclaimer: What follows in both installments of this two part series is a rant on marriages and relationships in general. 90'sCartoonMan's rants are based solely on his mood and don't mean to offend anyone who is married, was married, or is thinking about getting married.

A note about that title, around the same time "Chemistry" first aired on TNBA, Wally West was getting married. His best man was Mr. Potato Head (aka Dick Grayson), who brought the whole mood down by noticing something was wrong with Wally (what with his "detective skills" and all). Turned out Wally was worried about how being part of his family would change things with Linda since Wally doesn't like his family very much. Either way, the only thing I could conclude was that Dick Grayson is no fun at weddings.

I'm sorry guys, I'm just so...argh...about the whole thing. A few of my friends have recently started new relationships, and even though some may call me "judgmental", I try not to say anything negative about them. It's just because I'm jealous. I keep saying if I'm not married by the time I'm 40 I'll have accumulated enough bitterness to extinguish the entire Shi'ar Empire.

I'm just being stupid, I guess I always have been. My parents got divorced when I was six, and neither of them have re-married (although my mom has been in a serious relationship or two). When I was a kid I always wanted to get married because...because I don't know. Because I thought it was something to reach for, a goal. Because I thought it would make me happy. Because I thought it would make my life make sense because I thought my life was so crappy (okay, that was me in high school).

Up until very recently, I said I was going to be married by the time I was 31, by June 23rd 2014. That was mostly so I'd be my father's age when he got married, but it's silly. It's stupid. I don't even know why I care so much about it and still think about it, but I do.

So I keep saying that marriage is a sham. I only know two or three married couples. I work with two people who are married and talk about their spouses, but it's not the same as seeing a married couple up close and personal. I'm beginning to think they're myths like magic carpets and Aborigine. Married celebrities and politicians? Please, comic book marriages are more real than that.

This is the place dreams travel to die. I'll be able to stop thinking about it, in time, but maybe once I'm a little happier with my life it will be easier. I just can't stand all the lies. "Happily ever after" and all that. It's a bunch of nonsense. Why do parents tell their children this kind of crap? I almost wish I could've see behind the illusion when I was younger. It would've been easier to stop at a young age. Guess that's the problem of being older and wiser, there's not a damn thing you can do about the past except complain.

I don't know what's worse, seeing a happy couple or seeing no happy couples. But the next time I do...or don't...I'm going to feel like putting someone's head through a wall. Anger, thy name is 90'sCartoonMan.
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