November 22nd, 2012


What I'm Thankful For...TV!!!

I've been wondering about this for a while, actually. What ARE my favorite TV shows? Like, the top HUNDRED. So, on the day of being thankful, I decided to write my list of what I'm thankful for...all one hundred of them!

Once Upon A Time really got me thinking. I love the show, and I anticipate each and every episode...I don't remember the last time I was so enthusiastic about something, so I decided to compare it to other shows. Making the list was tough since there's shows that are fresh in my mind, shows that are still on the air, and the nostalgia factor of much older shows...but then I figured all those would balance each other out. Although it seems like the shows that are still on are ranked either really high or really low.

Obviously, this list is EXTREMELY subjective and in no way indicative of the quality of the show. It's all about what has had a positive reaction from me. Also, I'm using a "Best Of" kind of ranking. Has The Simpsons gone down in quality? Of course. Does that make the earlier episodes worse in hindsight? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

List under the cut.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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