October 27th, 2011


I Met Charlie Adler!


My school has Monday night screenings with directors, producers, etc. for various things. This week was Van Partible, creator of Johnny Bravo. He's an LMU alum, and he talked about creating Johnny Bravo and its popularity around the world, including India. He screened Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood, a 75 minute movie.

It was pretty funny. Not a laugh-a-minute deal, but there were some great jokes. Afterwards, some of the cast and crew joined Van Partible on stage, including Sheetal Sheth (actress), Brenda Vaccaro (Johnny's mom), and Charlie Adler (casting director). CHARLIE ADLER!

My friend Tom was there too, and he noticed how geeky I was with Charlie Adler there. I couldn't believe it, I've been a fan of the man's work for over TWENTY YEARS!

After the Q & A was over, I wanted to shake his hand. I was nervous, but luckily Tom was there to tell me to just do it. So I did! I told him how awesome he is, even if the only roles I managed to squeak out were "Buster Bunny" and "Dr. Doom". He said "Yeah, they should just put me away." Tom had to point out that we're not as young as he thinks (he made a reference to everyone in the audience looking like we're 9). There were mostly undergrads there, which means I'm about ten years older than most of them. Ah well, it was a great experience!