October 23rd, 2011


Birthday Celebration!

So last Monday was my birthday, and I didn't do much aside from take the day off from my internship and run 7 miles on the beach. Plus I worked, but, ya know, I need the money.

Actually, I guess I didn't need it that bad since I got birthday money when I picked up my mail on Wednesday. Hooray! Guess that justifies my purchase of birthday loot previously, but I also ordered some more comic books. After that, I'll have everything up to Flashpoint. So what do I do after that in terms of DC? Only time will tell.

Thursday was my actual celebration. It's hard getting a bunch of people together because they're shooting or doing rehearsals or preparing to shoot. So only half the people I invited came, but that was okay (especially since some of the people who didn't come chipped in and got me a nice, tall bottle of Johnny Walker 12 year blended scotch whiskey...yum!).

So I decided I wanted to go to Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles. I love chicken, I love waffles, what better way than to enjoy them both?! And it was quite delicious, let me tell you! I'll have to go there again.

Also, is it just me or do Alice and Belle buy clothes at the same store?