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One Track Mind

August 31st, 2011

09:03 pm - Personal Reboot

Yeah, today's the reboot day. Hh. Well, I'm still catching up on Brightest Day-era DC and haven't figured out what titles I'm going to stick with. I still need to go through my fandoms. I've been behind.

Today was the start of school for me. Actually, school started Monday, as did my fall hours at the library, but today was my first class. One more year, and I'll have my Masters. Crazy.

So what does this year have in store? I don't know, I still need my own reboot. At least I'm wearing the glasses now. At work on Sunday, I got to see this girl I kind of have a thing for, first time since she left for the summer, and it was nice to see her again, but...ugh...it's not going to go well. Also, in class today, we had to write a description of how we think the world sees us and then someone else had to write a description for us. Someone (not sure who) described me as "Soft". I don't like it, and it actually makes me kind of angry. Maybe my personality reboot will be darker and edgier.
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