June 30th, 2011


My Biggest Mistake

::sigh:: I unintentionally added insult to injury. But it wasn't my fault!

Yeah, I know Green Lantern hasn't been getting great reviews, but he's one of my favorite superheroes of all time, and I really wanted to see it! I finally got the chance yesterday, so my friend and I got our tickets and went to a 3D showing.

We sat through a buttload of previews, and then the movie started...Peter Cullen narrating an escape from a planet. Wait, is this Manhunters on Oa or machines from Cybertron? My friend wondered what was up with the "Hasbro" thing we just saw.

We were at the wrong theatre!

We rushed downstairs to Green Lantern and only missed five minutes or so, but...argh...I wanted to help the movie with my sale! We checked our tickets, and they did, in fact, sell us tickets to Transformers.


I know sometimes I tend to say "Lannern", but I CLEARLY said "One for GREEN LANTERN" and got a Transformers ticket. Methinks Michael Bay has set up his own employees at the Howard Hughes Center. Grumble.