June 4th, 2011


Now That's Just Nutz

Saw X-Men: First Class yesterday, still excited from it that I can't do a proper review yet! I will say, if any of you are planning on seeing it and have this going on in your area, you can get a Blu-Ray of any of the first four X-Men movies for $7.99 and it comes with a $12 voucher for First Class. I got X-Men 1 on Blu-Ray and saw First Class and only paid 8 bucks!!!

Anyhow, for those of you interested in cartoon history and what might have beens as much as me, check out Mixed Nutz, the proposed cartoon show that would've had Looney Tunes characters meets classic Hana-Barbera characters:


Personally, I feel it would've been the next step after Harvey Birdman. Too bad we won't be seeing it.