May 27th, 2011


I Met Tom Wilson!

That's right, Thomas "Biff Tannen" Wilson.

My friend Tom had seen him a few months ago, and he said he was funny. We saw he's back in town this week, so I asked if he'd see him again, and Tom said he would, and our friend Matt wanted to as well.

So we watched the first two Back to the Future movies (what's up with Dixon, that redheaded kid who dances with Lorraine in the first one? He's creepy!) Wednesday and then went to the comedy club last night.

It was a pretty cool place, even if there was a two item minimum. The host did a set, then this guy who was on Last Comic Standing, then Paul Reiser appeared as the special celebrity guest, then a magician, and then Tom Wilson.

He's funny and full of energy. Of course, he wanted to get the Back to the Future stuff out of the way immediately and made some jokes about that (and how there are probably some nerds in the audience who watched the movies right before coming to see him...whoops). His whole set was great. Afterwards, me, Tom, and Matt shook his hand. I told him he was great on Gargoyles, and he just said "Yeah, Matt Bluestone". Sometimes I just can't help myself.