January 31st, 2011


Danny DeVito Live and In Person

Haven't updated in a while, it's been pretty busy.

Still digging my classes, although Adaptation is pretty intense. First I did the Roger Rabbit comparison between novel and movie, and now every week we do the first ten pages of a screenplay of something adapted. First I adapted Helen by Euripides, and this week I'm adapting the story of Tycho Brahe (now he was a FREAK!)

Last week, Danny DeVito came, and we screened War of the Roses and did a Q & A with him. He's a great guy, very entertaining, and very egg-like.

Last weekend, I got together with a bunch of my friends for game night, and my ex-roommate Mike FINALLY CAME OUT! It's about time. It's funny, the first day I met him, I almost told him that I don't mind sharing a room with a gay man, then it turned out he hadn't even come out of the closet.

But now he did!

And he told me he hopes it wasn't weird for me to share a room with a gay man, and I simply said "Not at all. I'm from the East Coast and have gay experience."

Possibly a poor choice of words...