December 20th, 2010


Scarlet Witch Can Fly? Zatanna Can Fly?

Finished with everything as of last Friday. It was quite the relief, and I didn't do much this weekend except appreciate not having anything to do, catch up on some season 2 of Super Hero Squad (what's with Wanda flying in the intro?) and play a bit of Justice League Heroes (what's with Zee flying?). So I'll be doing a bit of flying myself, going to Virginia tonight.

So why ain't I happy?

Oh yeah, still no word on the Nickelodeon internship (and I asked around, it's quiet...too quiet) and that girl I was seeing for a bit told me to buzz off. Not the best way to end the year, and luckily I'll be seeing my family soon so I don't have to think about this too much.

Userpic used with full purpose of irony.