June 9th, 2010


More DVDs!

Okay, DeepDiscount's got their 25% sale thing going from now until June 20th (act now while supplies last!). Even though I'm behind on a lot of my TV shows (like the Simpsons and 30 Rock), right now I'm just going for the good deals, so here's my list so far:

The Spectacular Spider-Man season 1
Lois and Clark season 4
Smallville season 4
Sabrina the Teenage Witch season 4

Those are actually on sale, but since there are some sets cheaper than at Amazon, I may also throw in:

X-Men Volume 3
Iron Man Armored Adventures season 1
Pixar Shorts

I may have to give myself a hundred dollar cap since I need to buy furniture for my new place, but that's what I'm looking at now.