January 10th, 2010


High Adventure That's Beyond Compare!

I finished! I finished my first marathon! Woo! Here's a rundown of what happened:

Left the hotel at quarter to 4, hopped in a cab with someone else going to Epcot, and we split the fare (which was good, it was more expensive since traffic was diverted). I changed, dropped my bag off, used the bathroom, stretched, and got in my corral.

After some fanfare (National Anthem, words from the mascots, and fireworks), we were off! It was dark and cold (it started at 5:30), but I was layered up. It was crowded at first, and I maintained about an 11 minute mile through Epcot and past, kept pace with the 4:15 person for a bit. Magic Kingdom was next, people actually stopped and took pictures with various casts (like Peter Pan and Cinderella...I even saw Tiana, Naveen, and Louie!), and I almost smacked the hat off the Mad Hatter until I realized he was taking a picture. My playlist worked out pretty well, I hit "Reflection" when I went through Cinderella's Castle, and was blinded by the paparazzi.

I hit a little trouble going from Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom, as I think I ate and drank too much last night, so I took a couple bathroom breaks between miles 12 and 17. The in-between park mascots were WEIRD. Vaudeville piano guy, voodoo guy, lost tourists, and real donkeys.

Animal Kingdom was good, Baloo and King Louie were there, and they passed out bananas, and "Colors of the Wind" hit the part about voices of the mountain when I approached Everest. I got my second wind around mile 18, which was back on the highway, but by then, it was lighter, and there were more people cheering us on.

Got to Hollywood Studios where Frozone, Mike Wazowski, and Launchpad were. Also, candy! I sort of lost my second wind around mile 22, unfortunately, and I did serious slowing down at the resorts, but I pulled myself together for the return to Epcot (more or less, didn't get back down to that 10 minute mile pace).

Saw my dad at the end, and he took my picture. I finished in 4 hours, 41 minutes and 4 seconds. I got my blanket, finishers medal, and some food. I'm happy to have finished, and I know what I can do to have a better time for whatever my next marathon will be. After that, I got home and took a cold bath, which hopefully will reduce swelling of my knees, but they're still sore and stiff (at least my feet and the rest of my legs feel fine, my recovery shouldn't take too long). Tomorrow is Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. I'll give a full update and include pictures in future entries.