November 2nd, 2009


Why Syndication is Awesome

Sorry I didn't update this sooner, it was a crazy Halloween Weekend (more on that later).

Last week was kind of rough on me.  In Screenwriting on Monday, my group had to present our action sequence pages for a table read, and I was nervous because this is the first time we're actually reading each other's scripts.  It went well, though, and they said they liked my characterization.

Thursday was the day I was really dreading.  It was my presentation day, but we also had our take home midterms due in TV Genres.  Our reading was light, but I made a lot of notes and got a few good clips.  I was just hoping everyone had time to do the reading while doing the midterm.  I was generally satisfied with my own midterm, a lot of compare and contrast between these two articles we read about how to study genre.

The reason why I chose syndication to do my presentation is because, well, syndication is awesome!  Look at all the comedy shows that are syndicated, plus there was this section about Star Trek The Next Generation and the rise and fall of the syndicated Action Hour.

I showed clips from Ellen, Tyler Perry's House of Payne, Seinfeld (the Merv Griffin episode, which was aired after his death and whose ratings shot up 14%), that clip of the Simpsons about Troy McClure saying he's going to show stuff you can't see in syndication, Jack of All Trades (which no one had even heard of), and Access Hollywood.

The discussion went well.  I tried to ask real general questions about why they think people watch syndicated television rather than DVDs or Hulu and if anyone can fill Oprah Winfrey's shoes when she needs someone to take over her show.

So yeah, my presentation ended up being over an hour long, which was fortunate since the professor wasn't feeling well and didn't bring any clips.  She said I pretty much covered everything, and she liked that I got dressed up (even wore a tie).  That's one less thing to worry about now, but since it's past the midterm time and it's already November, the end of the semester will approach rapidly.