October 22nd, 2009


My Birthday Weekend

Little behind on this, but I felt like I probably should mention what I actually did for my birthday last weekend.

It's a bit difficult getting people together, especially since we're all adults and somewhat have our own separate lives, despite being in the same program.

The fun started Friday night.  Jen was also celebrating losing her job (which was good), so in addition to her, Susan, Justin, Dan, and Michelle joined us at my place.  We watched The Lost Boys and Dr. No (because I need to steal ideas from it).  That was pretty cool.

Saturday was my actual birthday, and it was kind of slow.  The day, at least.  Maybe I was just anxious for some IHOP!  Again, though, it's tough to get people together with busy schedules, so it was just me, Susan, Ryan, and Tom, but man, it was delicious!  Ryan joined Susan and I in going back to the apartment and watching movies.  Matt's plane landed and he came back, and Steve and Jake got done with editing.  They all wanted to go out, and since it was my birthday. I didn't want to say no, so we had our guys night (meaning Susan and Michelle stayed in).

We went to Hermosa Beach, a place I hadn't been before.  It was pretty busy, but then again, it was a Saturday night.  I hung out with the guys a little, but I didn't do any heavy drinking, as I wasn't really in the mood.  We met some friendly women and hung out with them for a bit, ended up getting back pretty late.

So it was a pretty good evening, and a new experience, at the very least.  I don't know how often I'll be out barhopping down at the beaches, but we've got another birthday weekend coming up, so I could be busy.