September 11th, 2009


I Just Can't Keep My Mouth Shut...

So just because I'm going to school for Screenwriting, it doesn't give me license to be a total geek in class (does it?)

Yesterday, we had TV Genres, which studies how genres were formed in television and how we define them today.  Our teacher mentioned the Lion King as having brought back Disney animated movies, then Tom corrected her and said Beauty and the Beast pre-dates the Lion King, then I had to correct him and say it was actually the Little Mermaid that started it all.  After which, Matt mentioned that I have a Little Mermaid magnet on my fridge.

I guess if I didn't want people to know about it, I wouldn't have put it up.

Then later, she wanted to give us examples of television animation and showed a Superfriends clip and then one of Harvey Birdman.  She said she thinks that Harvey Birdman is based on Hawkman, to which I had to say he's actually based on Birdman and Hawkman is a different guy.

Yeah, I feel like a complete dork, and in front of all my classmates (who I have every single class with).  How disgusting.  Oh, but the embarrassment continues, as next week in Production, we need to bring 3 embarrassing stories to class, one of which will be turned into a short film. 

Oh boy...