July 31st, 2009



So, August is finally here.  After five years I go back to school this month...leave the working world behind...and leave other things behind.

It's time to be more responsible.  I need to think about my future occupation, about managing my money, and sadly, money comes at a price (or something). 

I'm already working on the comic book things, but sadly, this means taking a break from DVDs.  Even Green Lantern.  Now, Green Lantern is one of my favorite heroes.  I've bought DTVs for characters like Dr. Strange and the Hulk that I don't like all that much, and I've been waiting for Green Lantern for so long...but I just can't afford it for now.  Ditto X-Men when it comes out next month (not that I'd watch that right away since I'm still on the first disc of the first set).

So yeah, no Green Lantern for me.  I might break down and rent it, though, since I'm not cancelling Netflix, but I do want to own it.

Instead, I've been reading about Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century.  The series that was on Cartoon Network.  I had only seen the Green Lantern episode, but it was pretty cool.  I ended up watching the one about Space Cadet's home world on YouTube.  Porky Pig telling a story to Yakko, Wakko, and Dot about the time he rode a flying carpet, wielded a lightsaber, and saved Ariel from Lex Luthor?


But seriously, it is time to be mature, and responsible.  I also found out my new roommate's name is Matt McGinnis, so let me get this out of the way right now...