July 26th, 2009


Disney and Warner Brothers

I had a fun idea for a playlist where I would list some Warner themes and match them against Disney approximations (and vice versa).  Here was my thought process:

"What would match with Chip N Dale's Rescue Rangers?  Pinky and the Brain, maybe?  Nah, I think there's probably a better Disney equivalent of Pinky and the Brain, and one in a closer rodent family.  Wait, does Disney even have any mouse characters?"

After mentally smacking myself, I sat down and got to work.  Here's the result (still somewhat a work in progress, but I think I'll let it sit for a while):


Mickey Mouse ~ Bugs Bunny
Donald Duck ~ Daffy Duck
Goof Troop ~ Taz-Mania
Bonkers ~ Animaniacs
If You Can Dream ~ Just the Same Old Heroine
Chip N Dale's Rescue Rangers ~ Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries
Gargoyles ~ Tiny Toons
Timon and Pumbaa ~ Pinky and the Brain
Ludwig Von Drake ~ Schnitzelbank
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command ~ Duck Dodgers
Lilo and Stitch ~ Men in Black
Darkwing Duck ~ Freakazoid
Duck Tales ~ States and Capitals
Gummi Bears  ~ Slappy the Squirrel
Mighty Ducks ~ Road Rovers
Talespin ~ Nations of the World
Recess ~ Detention
Emporer's New School ~ US Presidents
House of Mouse ~ Hysteria
Tarzan ~ Chicken Boo

It feels like I just scratched the surface, but it felt like a lot of WB stuff I didn't want to include, so I basically started with that and found the Disney equivalent.  Although I did end up putting the Disney songs first, felt like it made more sense that way.
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