July 14th, 2009


When Love Triangles Go Wrong

Love triangles are everywhere. As are various love shapes. Although on Angel, Jasmine once said that love triangles should bring the two sides together because they have the same love and in Runaways, Chase once said they're "gay", that doesn't stop them from happening all the time.

I want to talk about a specific kind of love triangle, the kind where there's an OTP waiting to happen and someone drives a wedge between them and there's all this unrequited stuff. You end up feeling sorry for the odd person out, right?


I've had my fill of these, and the camel's back has finally been broken by the straw that is Gwendolyn Stacy (of the Spectacular Spider-Man variety). Continue to read my rant about how I've lost sympathy for characters who just don't act and have reversed my opinion on the "Paolo" in the relationship.

Spoilers for recent episodes of The Spectacular Spider-Man and Superman Returns with some Angel, Smallville, and DCAU thrown in for good measure.

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