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One Track Mind

July 12th, 2009

01:32 pm - I'm Very Disappointed

No, I'm not disappointed that Ryan Reynolds will be Hal Jordan. I did want to see him as Wally West, but you know, he'll probably be a good Jordan. I'm not too picky, though, I'm relieved it's not Jack Black, and I would've been interested even if it did go to Justin Timberlake (although I would've liked to see what Chris Pine could do with the role). Of course, lots of people are sad it didn't go to Nathan Fillion, which is where my disappointment lies.

ALL these people upset Reynolds got the part over Fillion and I've yet to see ONE Two Guys and A Girl joke. Come on, people, you're letting me down! Heck, you'd think at the very least the slashers would think about this, as Reynolds and Fillion did kiss in one episode (it was a Halloween episode). ::sigh::

Me? I'm saving my Two Guys and A Girl references for when they cast the Captain America movies and fans start screaming they want Nathan Fillion to play Steve Rogers. It has long since been my wish to see Traylor Howard play Sharon Carter, so you know I will say a thing or two about that when the time comes.

Also I want Jillian Bach to play Siryn.
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