July 5th, 2009


The Romance Has Gone

I recently did some gathering of quotes of romance, and I came to the shocking realization that I don't believe in romance anymore. Let me be more specific, I don't believe in the kind of romance in fictional characters. The 00's are coming to a close, and I've done a lot of thinking about them in comparison to the 90's (when my geek wings finally sprouted). So much progress has been made this decade, most notably the fact that superhero and nostalgia movies are hitting theaters hard and it's becoming more acceptable to like geeky things. There have been improvements in animation and live action special effects. I'll talk about those more later in the year, but right now, I want to focus on something that's taken a hit between decades.

Love. The romantic love between a man and a woman (or man and man or woman and woman). Have I become less interested in it or has it really gone away?

Right now I'm just going to focus on action cartoons, live action hero/sci-fi shows, and movies. There aren't any massive spoilers, but if you haven't seen Serenity, Superman Returns, The Dark Knight, or the Spider-Man and X-Men movies, you might want to stay away from this.

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