June 24th, 2009


Odds and Ends

Today was an intense day, but I'll have to get to that in a future entry (probably over the weekend). Right now, here is some info I've been meaning to spread:

made_of_fail_pc is celebrating their one year anniversary, listen to their latest episode here

On a related note, queenanthai's cat went through a harsh health ordeal, and no one likes skyhigh vet bills, so she is accepting donations here.

For more ways to help beasties, you can give food to rescued animals just by clicking the purple button here

It seems Wall Street Journal Publisher and Dow Jones CEO Les Hinton has a problem with the way Google operates as he thinks its sucking the blood out of the newspaper industry. He calls them a digital vampire here and hints that he's coming up with a plan to fix this problem. Well I think that Wall Street Journal Publisher and Dow Jones CEO Les Hinton should do more workin' and LESS HINTIN'!*

Finally, parsimonia has come up with an awesome project for comic book friends everywhere:


Are you new to comics? Want to learn about comics? Got questions? Seeking resources?

Check out the Newbie Comics Guide on noscans_daily!

Do you know all about comics? Do you have knowledge and wisdom to impart to newbies? Excellent resources to share?

Visit the Newbie Comics Guide on noscans_daily and contribute!

*God, I never thought I'd be able to use that Simpsons reference in real life