May 31st, 2009


Trinities (AKA my Geekiest Post Ever)

So Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley's year-long weekly maxi-series, Trinity, just finished up last Wednesday. Not as mysterious and world-creating as 52, but not as mind-numbingly irritating as Countdown. Trinity was more of a straightforward superhero epic about Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. I really enjoyed it because when it comes to straight up super hero tales, Busiek's the master. I thought some of the issues were filler, but hey, the writing and art were solid throughout, so that I appreciate.

In light of that, I tried to figure out what kind of power the Trinity holds. What virtues do Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, in context of the greater hero concept, really stand for? What examples do they set? What kind of trends can you see in them that have roots in history and mythology? What timeless aspects do they embody that will echo throughout future civilizations?

I tried to come up with the "7 Realms of Fandom" to try and figure this out, but I ended up coming up with two lists that don't fit into this context. The first one still needs fine tuning, but the second one, I decided to use is made of DC, Marvel, Disney, Star Trek, anime, and Shakespeare. I was going to throw in Christianity's Holy Trinity or Hinduism's Trimurti to round out the 7 (because of that magic number), but neither of those quite work. So now there are 6, and if anyone has any suggestions for the 7th, I'd welcome them.

I decided to use Marvel's "Big 3 Avengers" counterparts rather than some of their most popular characters(like Spider-Man, Wolverine, and the Hulk). My three favorite Disney movies, the captains of the three best Star Trek series (which I guess is subjective), the three big anime properties I've been exposed to, and representing the works of William Shakespeare are a tragedy, comedy, and history.

Sorry, I know this is long, but I thank you for sticking around.

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