May 23rd, 2009


DCAU Music and Sound Collection

Oh boy. I ran around Central Park twice this morning. First time I ever did it, and it took me about 90 minutes. I ran one of the outermost tracks so it's about 12 miles total. Possibly a little less, I'm not positive I went around the whole thing, but close enough.

It was actually pretty good. I was afraid it might be too hot, but it was windy (with the unfortunate side effect of blowing dust all over me). I did my Every Themes playlist, which has all my theme songs without any repeat characters (for instance, I only used Superman the Animated series, no Lois and Clark or Smallville), which is about 3 hours long. Last night I added the Prisoner to it as well as The Littles and the Littl' Bits, which just popped into my head. Why the heck did I put Buffy, JLU, Angel, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Superman, and Batman all in the first 15 minutes?! That expended a lot of my energy early on, but I got it back. I went nuts when the Star Trek TOS theme came on later since I just saw the movie Thursday.

Okay now I'm just rambling. Here's a list of all the music and sound recordings I've complied from various DCAU shows:

EDIT: I just found out the Littles were created in 1967, the same year the Prisoner was on the air. Did my mind somehow associate those two without ever knowing?!

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