May 16th, 2009


Busy Weekend...Last Weekend

Yeah, been meaning to update, but...guess I didn't.

Last weekend, my mom flew up from Virginia to visit me and my sister here in New York. She came in Thursday night. Friday, I showed them where I work, and we did some 5th Ave shopping.

Saturday we met one of my mom's friends from Connecticut and had lunch, then I showed them where I live and around my neighborhood.

Sunday was great. Mother's Day Brunch at Rock Center Cafe, Top of the Rock, Toxic Avenger Broadway show, then a bite to eat at au bon pain. Wait, what was that middle one? Toxic Avenger Broadway show?! Man, I remember that movie, and the cartoon, and the Toxie action figure I used to play with allllll the time (he was from the future and teamed up with Darkwing Duck and Beetlejuice).

The musical was hilarious. Very funny, and there were only 5 cast members, all quite talented. I can't believe they made a Broadway show out of it...and that I want the soundtrack.

Monday we went to the Spring store and walked around Herald Square. Good weekend, worth taking the two days off from work.