April 14th, 2009


Merrily We Roll Along...

Okay, I think I'm making some serious progress with my apartment situation. I saw one guy yesterday and another guy today. I think they're both great, and they were enthusiastic about the rooms (I even gave one guy a free umbrella just for coming out), but before I make a decision, I have two more appointments tomorrow and one on Thursday. It would be fabulous to be able to split May's rent three ways, that way I can give my mother a decent Mother's Day when she comes up.

The only problem is I was planning on going to Boston for Patriot's Day Weekend, and now I'm wondering if I should stay here to straighten all this out. Plus I'm broke. I get paid on Friday, but half that is going to my loans, and when I'm in flux like this, I really shouldn't be spending more money. Ah, at least it feels like things will work out in time.