December 31st, 2008


Christmas Wrap Up

I've neglected to talk about my Christmas experience since I got back Sunday night. It was a good weekend. My sister and I drove down on Christmas Eve (well, she did the driving) to my mother's place in Virginia. My dad was already there. Although it wasn't the same without my grandmother, we had a good holiday. I accidentally burned my pecan pie, but I made up for it by making everyone omlettes the next day.

As for my gifts, I got a digital camera, a running calendar, a huge duffel bag, a book on comics in the 50's, Marvel's guide to New York, a Dri-Fit running shirt, a Portsmouth Naval hospital T-shirt, a Thor T-shirt, a Captain America bobblehead, and some vitamins. There may've been more stuff, but I can't remember now. My aunt gave us all money, and there was an after Christmas sale at Sports Authority, so my dad and I got new running shoes for $50 (they were originally $90).

So I spent a nice weekend with my family and came back Sunday night. Had to work Monday and Tuesday, but now I've got a five day weekend. It's going to be crazy thinking about everything I did in 2008 and what my goals are for 2009, but I'll post my thoughts on that in the coming days.