December 11th, 2008


December Is Such A Quick Month

I ended up taking Monday and Tuesday off, partly to burn off vacation days before the end of the year, partly to do some shopping. Essentially:

Sunday - Ran the Joseph Kleinerman 10K in Central Park with my sister. It was freezing and kinda crowded, but we managed to average about 9 minute miles, which was cool.

Monday - Shopping in Bryant Park and Grand Central Station. Got this cool personalized Irish pub wall thing for my dad and ate a belgium waffle with caramel.

Tuesday - Relaxed, played some Kingdom Hearts II (which I often neglect)...for CHINA!!!

Wednesday - Back to work, got lots of Amazon and DeepDiscount packages (mostly gifts, but some things for me...Freakazoid, woo!)

Thursday - Nothing special, skipped the gym because it's cold and raining and didn't feel like going outside again.

Tomorrow is the office Christmas party and Secret Santa. That's going to be a lot of fun, plus I'll bring my Santa hat to wear.